Kristopher Grunert

Award-winning architectural and industrial photographer Kristopher Grunert has been making photographs for two decades, working in Canada, united states, Europe, Mexico and China.

Grunert uses lines, atmosphere, movement, and light to capture cinematic compositions. He is especially interested in energy, design, technology, natural resources, structures, and community, always with a sense of journey.

Artist Statement

Light Knows Not Time or Space. By objectifying it and embodying it, I become a sort of mirror which give it reference and leads to awareness or self-actualization. 

When photographing a structure, I not only think about its design and the site in front of me, but the intention of the creator to uplift those who experience it. I focus on the materials and the forces it took to construct it. I strive to capture the energy expelled by the hard work throughout this monumental task of transforming raw materials into a finished object. These great feats provide a source of inspiration that opens me up to creativity, which then multiplies.

I simply want to share my appreciation with the viewer to inspire them. I want you to imagine yourself there, feeling as I did when making the photograph, that sense of connection to a vast source of unlimited energy.

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