IMAPON (Interdisciplinary Media Artists Association/Population of Noise) formed as a BC non-profit in August of 2008 in Vancouver. IMAPON works on a project-by-project basis supporting member artists including LocoMotoArt.

The mission of IMAPON is to provide, support and develop the artistic visions of interdisciplinary media artists, so that creative, cultural, educational, environmental and spiritual exchanges can occur between diverse and underrepresented communities in an effort to utilize members’ talents, backgrounds, and expertise to present environmental community-based projects in Canada and abroad.

IMAPON are artist-in-studio residents through the Vancouver Parks Board, Arts Culture and Environment office (VPB) at Aberthau Mansion West Point Grey Community Centre (2013-2018). LocoMotoArt joined Village Vancouver's field house residency at McBride Park 2019–2024. Village Vancouver’s residency will have a food, gardening, and environmental focus.  Both groups hope to create positive local responses to our climate change and food system challenges. LocoMotoArt will also present a series of community art projects and events related to food, art, nature and technology, and soundscape. 

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